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Mostly a one off session but sometimes two.
Delving into Google Google Hands on session A trusted Search Engine used by most members. Fun to explore its different facets, search & save images, use maps.
Digital Cameras One session. Bring own camera & instruction book An introduction. First steps for beginners.
Communicating with Skype Demonstration Not difficult to set up. Keep in touch with family.
Make a Music CD 2 sessions a week apart. Tutor will contact to explain what to bring. Demonstration / Hands on. Learn basics one week and return later to iron out issues or boast about the CD you can play in your car.
Optimising Your Computer Demonstration. Discussion, sharing. Getting it to perform efficientlyLearn the tricks required. Cleaning up the Desktop, Backups, Firewalls.
Photo Enhancement Demonstration. Hands on. Tutor will
contact to explain what to bring
Improve the look of your Photos. Get rid of that lamp post or hedge that detracts from that fine shot of Aunty May.
Start 2 Txt Hands on. Bring phone. Uses Telecom Manual The basics to get you started.
TradeMe 2 sessions a fortnight apart Setting up an account. Becoming authenticated. Operating safely. Using photos. Auction procedure. Payment, postage, pickups & freight.

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