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From time to time we are able to offer other courses, workshops or special interest days run by our own members or invited “experts”. If you have topics for these or know of an “expert” please discuss with a Committee member. Phone numbers are in the newsletter. Courses can also be requested so if a small group (it only takes two to run a course) have a special interest we will do our best to help you.


Our Social Days each term are another source of “experts”. The Committee invites excellent speakers along for you and once a year our Federation Executive based in Wellington, amazes, challenges and surprises us with his extensive knowledge of things technical.


Meet Wednesday mornings at present usually twice each term. At the start of 2014 the first two groups were set up.

iPADS: Two excellent hands on sessions in Term 1 catered for 20 members who had iPads or were interested in buying one. It is planned to offer ongoing support to these members in subsequent terms.

WINDOWS 10: For those members who are using Windows 10 and who have attended the course Introduction to Windows 10. This is an opportunity for members to share and solve issues.

TABLETS: For those who own or hope to own an android tablet computer.

BUYING ON LINE: The issues to be aware of, safe practices etc.

ONE TO ONE HELP: Half hour sessions / specific time / specific questions


These ongoing groups have been set up to provide encouragement or to challenge and extend. They usually meet on Wednesday afternoons twice each term. Refer to your SeniorNet Calendar for term dates. If you wish to join, fill in an enrolment form in the first instance. Once that is done, you will receive information by email each term. If you no longer wish to participate please let us know.

GENEALOGY: Members have completed the Legacy course and are in the process of researching and recording family trees. Relevant visits have included where information or archives are stored like the Alexander Library and the Church of the Latter Day Saints. Ideas for writing and presenting information will be shared. Enthusiasm and encouragement are a must!

OUT & ABOUT WITH TECHNOLOGY: Members have been on many visits to see and learn how technology is used in our community. Libraries and schools have been visited as well as facilities at the Royal Foundation of the Blind in Wanganui. We are now branching out to supermarkets, newspapers, radio stations and printers. Designers are next.

WRITING A FAMILY STORY: Yet to be set up. This is a possibility for those writing family histories or even just writing down a few memories of their childhoods so families in the future will have first-hand information rather than generalisations from a history book. It’s a way of gifting family stories to future generations and giving them a sense of belonging and the importance of family continuity.

HERITAGE UPDATE: A small group of keen members is assisting the Alexander Library to upgrade their database; in other words transcribing hand written or typed text into a new database. Instructions were given and the work is done on line at the Learning Centre or at home. The Pilot Project is completed. A researcher from Victoria University will interview members shortly as part of her research into their use of the CrowdSource site.


Held each Friday afternoon in term time starting at 1.30. Refer to your SeniorNet Calendar 2014 for term dates.)

A reminder Email is sent to all members each Tuesday. You are welcome to attend even if you have no questions. However, you can book your place by replying to Ron Shackleton’s email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). If you have a question, let Ron know. He knows heaps but none of us knows everything and he may need to do some research!

Friday afternoons are fun and informative. They are an opportunity for members to solve problems or just learn about new trends in technology. The data projector makes it simple for you to see what’s happening on the computer screen. Each session ends socially with a cuppa. Come and join in the fun!

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