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To enrol for any course you must be a financial member. The financial year is from January 1 –December 31.

Over the year we hold nine 4 week learning blocks. Each has a gap week between when meetings, Social days, Drop-Ins, or Open Days are held. Each Friday the office is open between10.00 – 12.00.for course enrolments and enquiries.

The course list is sent to members in the newsletter at the end of Week Three of each learning block. Enrolments close one week later on the last day of the block. Course fees are payable in advance and must accompany the enrolment form. Assume you are on the courses of choice. WE will ring you if changes need to be made. A Memo sent to you at the end of Week One of each Block also keeps you up to date with events.

Please choose carefully, remembering that a late withdrawal by you, may mean cancellation of the course for others. Should you change your mind, our current policy is not to offer refunds but to transfer fees to another course. If you are unable to attend a session, it is your responsibility to catch up at home.

To enrol for any courses, you must be a member. The financial year is from January 1 to December 31st. Course lists are made up on a first come, first served basis, providing tutors are available. Sometimes we may have to set up a second course to cope with an overflow or courses may need to be cancelled if sufficient enrolments are received. Often we make up a composite class of different levels or topics so members do not miss out. We endeavour to have a tutor/student ratio of 1:3.
Tutors may contact course members a day or two before the start date to introduce themselves and to remind members of the start time, what to bring or any other issues. Notes or manuals are yours to keep.

In mid 2016, SeniorNet Wanganui moved from using a SeniorNet CD for course data to the use of a SeniorNet FD (Flash Drive). Besides all the material for courses, there is room for students to set up a folder for each course undertaken. This provides a good record of progress! The FD is available for $10.
If you still have a recent copy of the SeniorNet CD, it can be used instead of the FD, however, you will need to bring your own flash drive to save exercises on.
We are constantly searching for new courses, assessing new material and new technology. We always appreciate feedback from members re ideas for courses and workshops.

While most of our computers are set up with Microsoft Operating System 10 with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), we have a number of computers with OS Windows 7 available.

Your Committee and Tutors are all volunteers and give willingly of their time to help you. You can help us by offering to assist on courses or on the Committee.
The following pages list courses for computers and hand held devices, including:-
  • Introduction and Basic Skills for Computers and hand held devices.
  • Extending those skills, applying those skills and using the Internet.

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